Relax, Its Just A Breathtaking View!

Blue Skies, Water, Sunshine, A chill in the breeze. What more can I say?

As most of you have probably guessed, Most, if not all my photos are taken in the beautiful country Scotland. The reason being because I go on so many camping trips there (2-3 times a year) Every time I visit, theres ALWAYS something new to capture. Theres always that one little place you’ve never stood before that could make all the difference to a stunning photo. This was one of them. I cant remember exactly where this was taken (like with most of my photos) But I do remember having a rather large climb to get to this point. As I ascended up,I noticed the air getting a little more fresher. I walked (or climbed) for a little while before my eyes set on this beautiful scene you see on your screen. Luckily, I had my trusty camera with me. I knelt down, focused up my badboy and clicked the shutter button down. Reviewing this picture i KNOW for definite that the little climb was 100% worth it. would I do it again? YES ❤


Its All About YOU

OK, so I really don’t want my blog to be all self centred around me. I think it would be fair enough to YOU GUYS (and girls) if maybe topic suggestions and ideas could be posted. Obviously, the main theme for my Blog will be (as you probably guessed) PHOTOS.  Im an all round lover of photography and id love to hear from YOU what maybe i should base my next sort of post around. In the mean time, have a look at this deer i photographed in… take a guess… SCOTLAND (yush, im a big lover)

This deer is all up and happy, it almost looks as if it is laughing at me :p

This deer is all up and happy, it almost looks as if it is laughing at me :p

Very Happy Seal

Welcome Guys! This is my blog (Woo :p) as you can see I am a lover of photography. Taking pictures in my opinion captures the few moments in life that sometimes you just never want to forget.

This particular photo was taken in Scotland during a very rocky boat trip. I just couldn’t resist capturing the seals which were laying on the rocks (as you do).
Later on, after departing from the very friendly boat driver, I decided to scroll through the photos I had taken on my very trusty Nikon D3100. Scrolling through, I came across this lovely fellow. I just had to laugh at it! The things practically having the time of its life right in front of my lens. It just goes to show that the little moments can become some of the funniest.